Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms at Richmond Public Library buildings are available for use by governmental agencies, educational entities and non-profit organizations, and (at the Main Library only) student study groups.

A. Meeting rooms will be available for programs, meetings or other official department business sponsored by the Library or any City, State or Federal agency, including the City of Richmond Public Schools, as first priority.

B. Meeting rooms will be available for public gatherings of non-profit groups (copy of 501.c.3 must be on file with the Library) as a second prority.

C. Meeting rooms may be made available to commercial groups for educational purposes, as a last priority.

Food and Drinks are ONLY allowed in the Annex and Auditorium on the Basement Level.
Attendance will be limited to the posted capacity of the individual room.
You must be 18 years or older to complete the Application for Use of Meeting Rooms. The application must be completed, signed and returned prior to your scheduled use.

• The Computer Lab located at the Main Library on the second floor is available for use by non-profit organizations or government agencies for computer training related to their civic, educational, intellectual or non-profit activities.

• The Library may partner with local businesses or organizations to provide programs that enhance the mission of the Richmond Public Library. Programs provided as a partnership that require use of the Library meeting rooms shall be approved by the Library Director or Deputy Director.

• Meeting rooms or the computer lab are not available to any group or individual for any program, meeting or other activity that is likely to interfere with normal functions of the Library.

• Meeting rooms, the computer lab or other library spaces are not available for any political, religious, commercial or partisan purpose.

• Should use of a meeting room or computer lab be required by the Library or any City department or agency, including the City of Richmond Public Schools, any other reservation may be cancelled, and appropriate notice of cancellation shall be given to the affected group or organization.

Use of a meeting room or computer lab by groups or organizations shall not in any way constitute an endorsement of the beliefs or affiliations of such groups or organizations. The City of Richmond Public Library reserves the rights to further condition, deny, or revoke permission to use a meeting room, as appropriate and necessary under the circumstances.
Groups or individuals, who violate any part of this policy, fail to pay all applicable fees, or damage Library property shall be denied future use of any Library meeting room or computer lab. The Richmond Public Library will bill the responsible group or organization for any costs resulting from damage to or loss of equipment or furnishings occurring while in use by a group or organization.

 All Branch Meeting Rooms During Library Hours are NO CHARGE and are scheduled directly with the branch.
To reserve a meeting room at the Main Library please call (804) 646-2551 with your request.  A copy of the entire policy is available upon request.