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What’s it like to work as a bartender? Are you still teaching yoga? Will your travels to Ireland find a place in your next novel? Why’d you drop the research science gig and start writing fiction? When you judge the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, do you have to read every single book […]

Meanwhile…comics, heroes, & origin stories

I was compelled by otherworldly forces to come up with a list of read-alikes inspired by a recent favorite: Dear Cyborgs by Eugene Lim. The narrative shifts between a couple of Midwestern best friends growing up together immersed in comic books, and a group of adult superhero/secret agents fighting for social justice–sort of. The novel […]

Reading to meet new and interesting trees

It occurred to me recently that I should be keeping track of the trees I encounter, often before leaving the first page, while reading a novel. A strong visual and a sense of place is quickly established by well positioned flora, such as the exuberant bougainvillea, which is native to South America, but widely planted […]

Literary Travels: Minneapolis and points north

Virginia is hot as blazes in July so why not take a literal, or at least literary, journey to a cooler place? You don’t have to leave to get the benefits of travel; pick up a book about someplace chill and let your mind take you there. Lake Superior is darn cold, you betcha y’all, […]

A Book Worth Finishing

Not long ago Goodread put out an infographic about finishing books. In their survey they discovered that somewhere around 38% of people who read will finish a book no matter what. Even if the book turns into being a steaming pile of garbage, those tenacious readers would trudge on, never leaving a page unturned. But what […]

Road Trip Audio to Download…Free!

Late summer road trip in your future?  Check out this week’s downloads from SyncAudiobooks for Teens. Three weeks of great titles left for this summer, with two titles each week.  All you need is Overdrive for your iOS, Android, Kindle or Windows phone, or download to your Mac or PC.  Get the app here. This […]

Life imitating Art/Art Imitating Life, or, news stories we’d like to see fictionalized

Security Robot Commits Suicide Is the natural consequence of sophisticated AI going to be sad robots? NPR got me all misty thinking about Steve, the loneliest robot: “The roughly 5-foot tall robot was apparently nicknamed Steve by people in the Washington Harbour office complex. Steve whistled, beeped and rolled over the plaza, alert to pick […]

Motel of the Mysteries

What books from your childhood still have a hold on you as an adult? Do you think of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie every time something in your life snowballs out of control? Did the Berenstain vs. Berenstein revelation blow your mind? Do you automatically put on a Grover voice when you think […]

Revisited, reinvented, reimagined

Ah, the agony and ecstasy of being a librarian–surrounded by all the books I could ever hope to read and no time to read them. My TBR (to be read) pile grows ever larger, placed into peculiar thematically linked sub-piles. My latest batch of reads was from a sub-pile rich in literature re-imagined. Some were […]

The Glitch Ramblings of Iphone’s Quicktype

The modern human life is mostly dependent on technology. We are connected. We wear our computers on our wrists, reminding us to not forget to breathe. They’re in our back pockets, 1300 times more powerful than the onboard computers that took Apollo 11 to the moon. Our refrigerators know when the milk is getting low […]

Podcast Episode #1: Did you miss Girls of Summer?

On Wednesday, June 21st, Richmond Young Writers got the opportunity to ask Newbery Honor Award winner Rita Williams-Garcia all about becoming an author.  Lucky for you, we’ve snagged a recording of her interview.  Girls of Summer is an annual event at Richmond Public Library celebrating books and strong girls. This is not your typical school summer […]