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Check out our “best sellers” from 2016!

Every year we like to share our “best sellers” list from the year before– the top ten most checked out books in the city of Richmond from 2016. Last year’s numbers were interesting for a variety of reasons, especially for the fact that two locations were closed for half the year. If we look at […]

In which we react to every book President Obama has recommended while in office

…with reaction GIFs, duh! JUST KIDDING. That is a LOT of great books (86! 5 more GIFs than the law allows).However you vote, you have to admit that the man is incredibly well read. We’ll be reacting to some of the books he recommends, linking to past reviews of some as well. Enjoy this reading list to […]

Read it right now: Truevine, and other new nonfiction

This week is all about the brand new stuff that readers and critics are loving.Truevineby Beth Macy In 1899, young albino African American brothers, George and Willie Muse, were taken from the tobacco fields near Roanoke where they worked and made to join the circus as freaks. Convinced their mother was dead they spent decades […]

Resolve to “Read Harder” in 2017

Did you accept Book Riot’s challenge to Read harder (with a vengeance, hopefully) in 2017? We’re here to help you get to your goal. We have some hand-picked, librarian-endorsed, recommendations to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution. Many of these books satisfy multiple tasks in the challenge–bonus points for figuring out which ones! All […]

Welcome to the Season of Light!

As the coldest winds begin to blow and the days become shorter, the celebration of light begins with the Winter Solstice on December 21. Cultures worldwide have recognized this day for centuries as it receives the least sun and is the beginning of longer days to come.   Many winter holidays celebrate with candles and light, beginning with Hanukkah this […]

Richmond’s a Real Person

This fall the Main Library hosted the Richmond Zine Fest, an exciting frenzy of do-it-yourself printed matter. Richmond in fact has a long history of forward-thinking publishing, stretching as far back as the Southern Literary Messenger, edited by Edgar Allan Poe, and, in the 1920s, the ambitious “little magazine,” The Reviewer. Between the Messenger and The […]

New York Times’ Notable Books of 2016

In which I personally review as many of the Notables as possible*, in Gif form. *There are still a handful of neglected notables on my to read pile (it’s a big pile) so any books  missing from this list do not represent a non-endorsement–there are far too many “NOPE” gifs out there for me to […]

Looking to leave town for a while? Why not take a trip to one of these fictional dystopias!

Visit One World! Take a trip to sunny One World! Surrounded by a Big Green Wall and encased in glass, you won’t have to worry about privacy, dreams, agency, or individuality in this beautiful panopticon. Leave your troubles at the door and conform because the state decides, and the state is watching!Check out We by […]

“This book is a gift from the Small Press Expo”

You may have noticed these popping up on Richmond Public Library shelves–bookplates bearing the title of this post appearing inside some of the cleverest and most exciting new graphic novels you’ve ever seen. We are thrilled to be recipients of the Small Press Expo’s Graphic Novel Gift Program, which aims to: “Expand the reach of […]

Horror Stories You Can Read and Watch This Season

Tis the season for frights, freaks and ghouls. Tantalizing tales of terror. Frightening fables of misfortune. Electrifying legends of horror. …Well, not for everyone exactly. There are many that don’t take part in the traditions of Halloween, but for the lot that do, I’ve compiled a list of books made into movies or T.V. series […]

Brand new books we would binge-watch if they were streaming shows

How about this one: Readalikes for TV watchers? Why not? Maria Semple’s laugh-out-loud Seattle stories, the 2012 epistolary Where’d You Go, Bernadette and her latest (also sort of an epistolary), Today Will Be Different, could easily translate into a series full of quirky, likable but totally unrelatable characters delivering droll zinger after droll zinger. I could see […]