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SRP Haiku

Fewer students here: Backpacks full, homework in hand— Summer has arrived!   Now some time for fun, Playing indoors and outside, Feeling sun and breeze.   Summer reading starts– Crafting, music and cool treats; Special guests and games.   Sharing adventures With books, e-books, tablets, more; Watching our lists grow.   Who’ll win the big […]

In the mood for something a little different?

I was delighted to discover that the author of the book I was reading last week was also one of the masterminds behind the joyful idea of Drag Queen Story Time (you may have read about it) at the Brooklyn Public Library. The book, by Michelle Tea, is Black Wave. Published by the Feminist Press, Black […]

Two tiny books, two elusive films, two fascinating women

I somehow ended up with these two curiously linked books at the same time without first realizing the connection they shared. Content and style wise they are quite different, but both center on, or are the product of, two fascinating, brilliant, one-time film making women who left this mortal coil way too early. Whatever Happened […]

Rainy May Reflections

I once worked for one of the big box bookstores. During training I was told that, when helping a customer find a potential purchase, I should put the book, movie, etc., in his or her hands when found. For the most part, once a person was able to hold, consider and look at the item, […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but my mom gave me my love of libraries, reading, and sharing books. Growing up in a military family we moved a lot so we relied on a few orienting rituals to feel at home again after pulling up stakes so often. First: every box had to be unpacked […]

“The Best We Could Do”

I am just about half-way through an excellent graphic novel called “The Best We Could Do.” It’s the memoir of a Vietnamese refugee named Thi Bui, who recounts the struggles and milestones she and her family experienced both in Vietnam and the US. What I like about the work: the narrative flows easily through the […]

Make time and space for Time and Space

It appears as though one of my favorites, The Book of Strange New Things, has been adapted into an Amazon series pilot: Oasis. The single episode offering has already diverted pretty sharply from Michel Faber’s novel, but at the risk of being That Guy, you know the one who moans “The book was better”, I’ll just say it’s […]

New books to go crazy for

Have I told you to run right out and get the highly anticipated first novel of acclaimed short story writer George Saunders, Lincoln in the Bardo, yet? Well, consider yourself told. Do yourself a favor though and get both the text and the audiobook versions. There is something very special about both works and you’ll enjoy […]

We’ve switched to a new platform.

After many years of “bloggering”, the RPL Staff Picks Blog will be moving to the website during #NationalLibraryWeek (April 9th-15th). We’ll be on break this week while we make the switch so go ask Mayor Stoney what he recommends you read next when he visits Broad Rock this Sunday to kick off our week-long […]

And then the murders began.

Game time! The internet is always up to no good and we are not above jumping into the fray when it comes to literary nonsense. Lately there have been a lot of posts swirling about online with folks adding “And then the murders began.” as the second line to famous books. In some cases, this […]

We made it!

The 25th Annual Richmond French Film Festival, co-sponsored by VCU and UR, is upon us and promises to be the best yet!  Not only is the festival occurring over a full week at both the Byrd Theatre and the University of Richmond but there are also special events scattered throughout, such as a live concert by […]