RPL 100days

Richmond is the city that Reads

Inspired by PBS series The Great American Read, Richmond Public Library’s 100 Days will feature 100 readers presenting each of the 100 books on The Great American Read list at various places in our beautiful city.

What’s involved? You!

The fun begins on the 4th of July and continues until the 11th of October. Use the interactive map to find events near you, and to learn more about our readers. Join in at locations around the city to learn more about some of the best books ever written, all while discovering what Richmond has to offer. Readers choose their locations, so get ready to experience wonderful cafes, breweries, farmers’ markets, community centers and historic monuments. Can’t make it out in the heat? Don’t worry, you can follow all the action on Richmond Public Library’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Calling All Readers

Readers are volunteers like you. Sign up using the “Become a Reader!” link and choose a book, a date, and a place. On your day, you will present your book anyway you like – reading a passage or chapter, singing a song, or performing a skit. We want you to be as traditional or as crazy as you like (well, within some reason).
Where will you read? Libraries, community centers, bookstores, parks and outdoor plazas, restaurants, breweries, museums, churches, at your book club or your favorite farmers markets. Again, the choice is yours.
The main thing is that you have fun and somebody else gets to share the rich discovery that comes from reading a great book. All 100 books are available in a variety of formats to be checked out at the Richmond Public Library.
Learn more about becoming a reader by clicking here.

Follow the Fun

Visit our map to see where 100 readers will be on a daily basis. We’ll be broadcasting via Youtube Live and sharing on social media.

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