Inform, Enrich, Empower

Scott FirestineThe mission of the Richmond Public Library is to inform, enrich, and empower Richmond’s residents: to enrich lives and expand opportunities for all citizens by promoting reading and the active use of cultural, intellectual, and information resources through a dedication to excellence and professional service.

In addition to books, e-books, recorded books and DVDs, all Library locations offer programs and classes, meeting room use, free wireless Internet access, and public use computers.  Outgoing fax service is available at each library for a nominal fee; notary service is available for free by appointment at most libraries.

We thank the Library Foundation and the Friends of the Library, as well as branch library Advisory Councils, for their support through grants and other funding opportunities, as well as the many hours of volunteer service provided.

The Library’s dedicated staff is always ready to assist you in making use of all library resources.  We look forward to seeing you at your neighborhood library.

Scott Firestine

Library Director