RPL and Local Authors

The Richmond Public Library is committed to bringing local authors and local readers together by making it easy for local authors to showcase their works at the library, and for library users to discover works by Richmond-area authors.


Are YOU a Local Author?

Want to be in the RPL collection? Local authors may donate copies of their book(s) to any branch for consideration to the library’s circulating collection, or publish and add their eBook(s) to the BiblioBoard Library using Pressbooks and the Indie Author Project.

Be sure to fill out the Local Author form to be added to the RPL mailing list.

Local authors are invited to set up a table in the RPL main branch lobby to sign and sell copies of their books in a low-key and casual setting. The lobby space is offered free of charge to local authors.

The Fine Print (FAQs)


  • The goal of materials selection at RPL is to support the library’s mission to “INFORM – ENRICH – EMPOWER”.  Donated materials will be added to the collection if they meet the standards outlined in the  materials selection policy.  Donated items that do not meet RPL criteria cannot be returned, but will be given to the library book sale, or recycled.

  • Books added to the collection will get a “Local Author” sticker added to the book cover, and books will be searchable in the library catalog.

  • Local authors may drop off donated copies of their book(s) at any of the nine RPL branches.   Make sure your donations are clearly marked as “local author donations for consideration”.


  • See the library’s Self-Publishing page for information on using Pressbooks to create, edit, format, and generate print-ready and eBook formats, publish instantly to the Indie Author Project, and share through the BiblioBoard Library.


  • Authors from the greater Richmond area (RVA and surrounding counties) are invited to set up a table in the RPL main branch lobby to sign and sell books in a low-key and casual setting.  The lobby space is offered free of charge to local authors, with a suggested donation of 10% of any sales during the event to RPL.

  • Local authors who book a library lobby signing are encouraged to donate copies of their book(s) to be added to the library’s circulating collection. Allow six weeks cataloging and processing.

  • Local authors may sign up online for three-hour slots. The lobby may be booked up to six months in advance, and authors may book up to three slots per calendar year. The library reserves the right to cancel any bookings.

  • Two authors may appear together at a lobby signing, but only one author can make the online booking. Information about both authors should be included in the appropriate section of the online booking form.

  • Lobby events will be included in the library’s online Calendar of Events, but authors are encouraged to do their own publicity. You may include the library name and address on any publicity you create, but not the RPL phone number. Local authors should be sure to invite family and friends to their event via email and social media.

  • Please, no “hard sell” tactics. Do not assume that library users are potential customers. Many library users want to read books, but don’t want to buy books. If someone seems interested, but unwilling or unable to purchase your work, suggest that they check out or reserve a library copy of your book(s). (Because you DID donate copies of your book(s) to the library).

Upcoming Local Author Events
10 am - 1 pm
Woman At The Well - Woman With The Alabaster Jar
More Details
Mary Moss
Richmond Public Library - 101 E. Franklin St. 23219

Woman at the Well: Like the Samaritan Woman in the gospel of John, 2e all long for the living water of Jesus. Join the author as she searches for Saving Grace, Discovers Amazing Grace, and Sufficient Grace, Woman With the Alabaster Jar: grief is a club with open membership, but nobody wants to join! Join the author as she journeys through grief, to find healing and hope and even faith renewed.

10 am - 1 pm
The Flying Woman
More Details
Daniel Sherrier
Richmond Public Library - 101 E. Franklin St. 23219

It's not easy to be a perfect superhero when you know you're human. Miranda must learn to embrace this new role despite feeling totally unqualified. Super-powers are amazing, but the responsibility is terrifying.

2 pm - 5 pm
The Sister I Never Met
More Details
Sharday Richardson
Richmond Public Library - 101 E. Franklin St. 23219