Job Seeker Assistance

Job SeekersDid you know that Richmond Public Library has dedicated resources for job seekers?

The Main Branch of Richmond Public Library houses a Job Seekers’ Area on the second floor, as part of the computer lab. There are six terminals available for patrons who are working on applications, resumes, cover letters, and other items. One-on-one assistance is offered as often as staff schedules allow.

Since there is limited space available, patrons are asked to keep their sessions limited to job-related functions and to a maximum of four (4) hours.

All branches of the Richmond Public Library system also have computers available, and job seekers are encouraged to use them to look for jobs, work on resumes, and perform any other job-related tasks.

Print resources are also available , including the Richmond Times-Dispatch‘s Jobs Section, which can be checked out from the Computer Lab Desk on the second floor of the Main Branch. Don’t forget to check the Richmond Public Library catalog for books on job seeking, resume writing, or how to ace an interview!

Digital Job Seeking Tools

On the following pages, you will find links to resources and tools for creating excellent resumes, cover letters, and improving other skills.

Jobs & Resources:

This page contains links to different companies that post job openings, including Goodwill, Workforce Resource, the Virginia Employment Commission, and others. Though there is no comprehensive list of all open positions that exist, the links found on this page are a great place to start your search. New websites will be added after they are assessed for effectiveness.

Tips & Tools:

This page contains links to free resume building sites, cover letter templates, and other useful information. It is always important to put forward your best impression and to get a leg up on the competition, so everyone is encouraged to use tips and tools found here to improve their resume skills and to create other materials that will stand out to potential employers.