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Edge of Your Seat Mysteries for Teens

The change in weather and the fall winds blowing puts me in the mood for a good mystery, something to keep me on the edge of my seat.  That is why I’ve planned a thrilling night of murder and mystery at the library. The first full week of November is International Games Week.  And to […]

So many new books, so little time

The trouble with being a busy sort of person in a profession where one finds oneself surrounded at all times by books is the endlessly frustrating reality of never having enough time to read them. Enter audiobooks. I just finished a marathon listening spree of (Booker nominated) Washington Black by Canadian author Esi Edugyan and […]

Travel Traditions

Now that summer’s finally leaving and fall seems right around the corner, many of us who have busy summers are entering into vacation season. That means choosing what to bring on the plane! Like many travelers, I have a few traditions for when I fly. For some, it might be wearing their lucky/travel socks, or […]

It’s all in your head: time, memory, and the mind

So, we’re looking at more of a Category 2 Book Situation this weekend, right? I figure one book to every inch of rain in the forecast is a good ratio. Plan on needing 2-4 books this weekend then. While the forecast may not be calling for the end of the world anymore (which is a […]

The Shakespeare Requirement and other back to school reads (for grown-ups)

Fans of epistolary novels should remember fondly Julie Schumacher’s ugly laugh inducing little hate/love letter to higher ed, Dear Committee Members. Those fans should now be rejoicing in the streets that the follow up, The Shakespeare Requirement, is finally out and it is also totally hilarious. The only problem I have with it is that it was […]

Can’t Get Enough of The Darkest Minds? Try these page-turners…

Are you a fan of Alexandra Bracken’s The Darkest Minds?  Were you one of the first to see the movie this week?  If you’re like me, the answer is YES! And, you’re also craving more YA dystopian with a side of teen supehero.  Try some of these recommendations: Enclave by Ann Aguirre In a post-apocalyptic future, […]

Beat the heat with some chilling reads

OK, it’s raining and a little cooler outside but we will soon find ourselves back in the sweltering swamp of August so we have a few chilling thrills to keep in mind for your summer reading adventures. We love Paul Tremblay, and we think you will too. A Head Full of Ghosts surprised and terrified […]

Summer Reads to Give You the Chills (Teen Edition)

I don’t know about you, but in the summer I typically like to read some good beach reads.  This year, however, I just haven’t been feeling it. So I decided to get out of my reading “box” and try something a little off-season – a thriller.  Allegedly, by Tiffany D. Jackson, is the story of […]

See the World in 10 new books

We’re back this week with some packing suggestions for your travel reading pleasure. These books are also a good substitute if, like me, you aren’t going anywhere for a while. See the world, or at least read about it, with these new books: Umami by Laia Jufresa (Mexico) A moving story of grief told from […]

A few new LGBTQ reads for your Pride Month reading list

Bingo Love is the most enjoyable romantic graphic novel I have ever encountered. I read it three times and don’t even like romance. Hazel and Mari meet and fall in love at church bingo in the early 60s but their families and society keep them apart. They reunite and rekindle many years later, and then […]

Mental Health Books for Teens

The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X. R. Pan, I will admit, is a hefty book.  It is long and it is deep but it captivated me from page one and before I knew it the book was over and I was left empty (in a good way).  It was the kind of empty […]