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Online Programs

Online Programs

We’ve got a lot happening at RPL!

We’ve got Book Clubs, Anime Viewing Parties, Writer’s Workshops, Book Boxes, Online Trivia, a new Virtual Volunteen program and more!

Browse our list of online programs and get registered today!

What's Happening

Virtual Cat Cafe

October 14

4:30 - 5:30

Do you love introducing your furry friend to new people? Then attend our virtual cat cafe over Zoom! We'll take turns introducing our cats and showing off all the things we love about our fluffy companions. Get ready for an hour of laughs and cuteness! Oh, and don't forget to brew up some coffee for that authentic cafe experience!


Teen Book Box - Fangdom

Just like a subscription box, but FREE! Each month will feature a new theme with corresponding contents. Inside you'll get a book, a craft activity and some goodies to enjoy at home. All you have to do is return the book. The rest is yours to keep!

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K-pop Stans Unite

8:00 - 9:00pmSeptember - January

8:00 - 9:00pm

Whether you are new to the k-pop fandom or have been riding the hallyu wave for a while, come join us as we view this month’s new music video releases, live comeback stages, and talk about our favorite groups and biases. This event will be broadcast over Discord, so be sure to create an account beforehand. Keep an eye out for the Discord link we'll be sending to your email!


Gaming @ the Library

Every Thursday

4:30 - 5:30pm

Ready to get your game on with RPL? Every other month RPL will be hosting virtual gaming programs for Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing. Tournaments, races, scavenger hunts and fishing tourneys are only a few of the fun activities we'll be doing in these virtual worlds.


Virtual Teen Trivia

2nd Tuesdays

4:30 - 5:30pm

Join us for a fun game of trivia for teens 12-18! Just grab a pen and paper, round up some teammates, or join by yourself and have fun. Participants will answer questions on a variety of topics from books, popular culture, music, general trivia, and more!


Young Writer's Workshop

September - January

Do you have a great idea for a story, but not sure what to do next? Have you ever stared at a blank page and an equally blank mind? We can help! Our workshop for TWEENS age 10-14 will run September - January over our new Discord server.

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Tween Comics Club

Saturday, Oct 24th


Whether you're a fan of superheroes, manga or graphic novels, join us for a virtual club meeting where we talk about, share and create comics together!


Virtual Volunteens

This year all of our teen volunteer opportunities have gone virtual! And, we have even more new and exciting ways for you to earn those community service hours. Volunteer opportunities include co-creating social media content for the library, writing book reviews, creating books lists, videoing teen tutorials and more!

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