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Our state constitution has disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Virginians, the majority of whom are Black. In 1902 a new Virginia constitution went into effect that purposefully suppressed the Black vote by implementing poll taxes, a complex registration process and permanently disenfranchised people convicted of a felony. This new constitution disenfranchised about 90% of Black men, dropping the number of eligible Black male voters from 147,000 in 1901 to about 10,000 by 1905. Today, nearly 22% of Black Virginians are permanently banned from voting due to racist voter suppression laws left behind from the Jim Crow Era.

In order to remove this racist tool we will need to pass a constitutional amendment that allows all Virginia citizens 18 and over the right to vote that can never be taken away.

The process for passing a constitutional amendment requires the General Assembly to pass our amendment twice before it can be put on the ballot for voters to support. We need your help - legislators need to know that you will not tolerate the deliberate suppression of Black voters any longer.


Send an email to a member of the Senate Privileges and Election Committee(SP&EC).

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