3/16 – Greater Richmond Children’s Choir

ImproviStory™ is a one-man-band where multi-instrumentalist/sound artist Victor Haskins improvises immersive, cinematic, story-like soundscapes for the imagination. Audience members have their own personal, internal experience with what kind of story is suggested to them based on their perception of the conjured sound elements. Imagine a live band crossed with a DJ crossed with sounds from a mystical realm…all generated and performed by one person in real time without any pre-recorded elements.
This particular performance supported with some funding from Richmond CultureWorks Grant Program. I will perform with my usual ImproviStory concept, but it will be augmented with audio- and data-reactive visual stimuli which I have been learning how to program over the last year. There will be some discussion of the technical and technological elements behind the performance so audience members can learn about some of what is possible with the integration of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) elements.

Multi Instrumentalist Victor Haskins