All Richmond Public Library locations are open beginning July 6, 2020. Visit our Reopening Page to learn more before your visit.  
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Laura Price

Posted in Poetry | Writing |

Gentle, dappled light,Through semi-shaded windows,Waiting for someone.Eyes above the masks,Fearful yet still hopeful--Can I be of help?Masks cannot obscureSmiles and grins and gladness.We are glad you’re here!Someone approaches--“I’m so happy you’re ok.We missed you, you know.”“We missed you as well!”My heartfelt yet sad reply.Who might not return?...

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Browsing the New Book Shelves: new nonfiction books about your brain

Meg Raymond

Posted in Book Reviews | nonfiction | Reading Recommendations |

At Richmond Public Library, you can always peruse the Latest Releases page on the library’s website, and now that we've moved into the next phase of limited re-opening, the new book shelves will be available for browsing again. But still, sometimes you want your options a little more … curated. We can do that! Your library has some great new books on the brain science behind many of our common problems, pitfalls, and other characteristics dictated by our unique brain che...

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The Declaration of Independence Today

Kathy Coker

Posted in Book Reviews |

On July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. However, the legal separation from England actually happened on July 2, 1776, when the delegates to the congress approved Virginia native Richard Henry Lee’s resolution stating the thirteen colonies were "free and independent States," no longer part of the British Empire. After the delegates voted for independence, a Committee of Five drafted the Declaration of Ind...

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