Richmond Public Library is a department of the City of Richmond.  All City jobs are posted on the City’s site and applications must be entered through their NeoGov application process: https://agency.governmentjobs.com/richmond/default.cfm

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You’ll want to create an account with the City of Richmond even if you have created NeoGov accounts with any other locality.  The benefit of creating an account is that should you want to apply for a number of jobs, the system will speed up the process of completing your application as well as be able to notify you about the status of your application.

When you visit the site, only departments with active job postings are in the list.  Everything in the list is checked by default. To pick the Library or other departments, click on Clear All Categories and then click on Library or another department to which you’d like to apply.

Under the list, you’ll see GO > – click on that to display the short list of jobs that might look like this:

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Click on any entry that seems of interest to you to read a full job description.

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You’ll be able to learn more about the job, benefits, and any supplemental questions.  To actually apply for the job, click on Apply and either sign in or create your account.  NeoGov will step you through the process of completing the application. You can also save your progress and complete the application in more than one session.  Please note: you must fully complete the application and questions before the application deadline to be considered for the job and invited for an interview.