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Art Exhibits


Richmond Public Library’s Main Library is a multidisciplinary venue, showcasing performances and four gallery spaces featuring the work of local and regional artists, including photography, prints, painting and multimedia works.

For more information on exhibiting at Richmond Public Library, please read our Submission Guidlines.

Featured Artists

John Moon

Transitions- Series I


“Transitions – Series I”, are new Abstract Expressionist works that further explores my thoughts and ideas on the vibrational spectrums of energy as light, becoming more dense and more concentrated as it begins forming into physical matter, which creates and becomes our complex, observable, experiential physical reality.

Always in a state of creation, forming, coming apart, re-creating and change.

Beginning again anew, in new and different ways, infinitely creating new forms and meaning.


Patricia Munford

In the Medina


Photography by Patricia Munford. The exhibit explores the vivid colors, historic architecture, and vibrant culture found in the narrow streets and markets of Fes, Morocco.  These images take the viewer into one of the largest pedestrian-only areas in the world: a web of twisting passages, hidden archways, and the unexpected around every turn.

Threshold Berber Merchants Arch and Cart

Will Grace

World Stamps


World Stamps, an exhibition of collages by artist William T. Grace takes the viewer on a global journey and uses vintage stamps to guide the way. His work makes use of the readymade subject matter that is printed on aged, used, and well-traveled stamps to forge an abstract dialogue within each piece. By juxtaposing this cultural ephemera with the scattered elements found within his studio, William explores the events and cultural interactions of the past through the modern lens. With this process the artist emphasizes the grey area that exists between fact and fiction, history and imagination, and creates open-ended vignettes for all to enjoy.

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