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SOL Activity Resources

Need help with Science and Math SOLs? Our SOL resources cover each grade level from K – 5. Browse our age groups below and click on the level of your child and the topic concept. You will find links to videos, hands on activities and more to help your child understand concepts or enhance their knowledge with extension activities. We’ve also put together book lists that cover each Science SOL concept through grades K – 5.

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SOL Science Resources

Our Science SOL resources cover grades K - 5. Included under each grade are activities, videos and other learning resources addressing each of the important science concepts: Scientific Method, Force, Energy, Motion, Matter, Life Processes, Life Systems, Earth/Space Systems, Earth Patterns, Cycles, Changes and Earth Resources.


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Grade 5

SOL Math Resources

Below you'll find access to the Department of Education's mathematics section which provides the standards of learning for each grade.

All Grades

  • The Department of Education in Virginia provides access to the standards of math for each grade. Also included is a guide to help support online learning for each grade and topic and a tracking chart to help parents log information regarding student learning.
    Math SOL

  • Here you will find information to provide parents the framework of exactly what the student must master under each SOL.
    Math SOL Curriculum