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Special Needs

What’s in this section?

This guide contains some resources that can help all families participate in library activities and services.

The social story can be used to prepare for a visit to the library.  The goal of the social story is not to change an individual’s behavior, but to help them understand the expectations so that they can be better prepared when they happen.

Additionally a set of pictures are included to be used to show the series of activities that a person will do at the library.  Some children’s strengths lie in processing visual information rather than auditory information. Creating a visual schedule and providing it for an individual can help reduce anxiety for some people as well as help some people stay on task while visiting the library.

Using the Social Story

Download the PDF version here.

Double click the presentation to make it full screen.

Using the Visual Schedule Aid

  1. Print and cut out each schedule card
  2. Arrange the cards in the order of activities for your library visit.  If there are cards with activities you will not be doing, you can leave them off the schedule.
  3. Attach the activity cards (in order) to a piece of paper, notebook, folder, etc.  It is often helpful to laminate cards and attach them with Velcro so they can be moved around and items can be easily added or removed.  For example, some library visits may include computer time, other visits may not.
  4. Review the schedule before going to the library with everyone visiting and refer to it during the visit.  As you complete an activity, you can remove it from the visual schedule and store in an envelope to use another time.