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Invasive plant removal / Joining Master Gardeners

    Date Posted: Fri, Aug 11 - 10:16 am


  • Any good contractors in the area to help with invasive removal by a utility line. Have privet in my backyard it’s growing into power lines. Oh also I would love to be part of the master gardener program but got no response when contacting vatech contact. Let me know what’s required to join the local chapter
  • Answer

  • I don't have personal experience with any contractors for removing invasive species, but have always heard really good things about Davey: https://www.davey.com/environmental-consulting-services/invasive-species-management-control/ Also, we would love to have new members join the Richmond Master Gardeners! But unfortunately, the city does not currently have an extension agent and hasn't for a few years now. This means there is no one in place to run the Master Gardener training program so we are unable to take on new members at this time. I believe that Henrico, Chesterfield, and Hanover are still able to offer the new member program, so I would suggest reaching out to them if you are interested.