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    Date Posted: Tue, Aug 22 - 1:12 am


  • I’d love to help volunteer. What is your schedule?
  • Answer

  • We love volunteers! And would love to help you get plugged in. Unfortunately, the City of Richmond does not currently have an extension agent in place which means we are unable to offer programming to bring on new Master Gardeners to our team. If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener, you could consider reaching out to some of the surrounding counties to ask about their programs and see if and when they are starting new classes. If you are interested in garden volunteer work in and around the city, there are numerous opportunities available without being a master gardener. To name just a few, you could consider reaching out to Maymont, Lewis Ginter, or Shalom Farms. If you have a connection to any of the public schools, many of them have garden programs going as well and may be able to use more volunteer support. Good luck, I hope you find a great place to plug in and serve!

Becoming a Master Gardener

    Date Posted: Tue, Mar 08 - 9:14 pm


  • Hi, I want to become a Master Gardener! What are the deadlines to apply and how does that process look like? Thanks!
  • Answer

  • Hello there, So nice to hear you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener! The program is part of the Virginia Cooperative Extension and has offices in most counties in Virginia. Unfortunately, Richmond City does not currently have an extension agent to provide the training you are interested in. However, there are operational training programs in 3 nearby counties. Below are the 3 county offices and the contact phone numbers: Henrico (804) 501-5160, Chesterfield (804) 768-7576, Hanover (804) 752-4310. The basic components of the program are completing the training, completing the required hours for volunteering and education as an intern, and continuing to volunteer in your community annually. There are many opportunities for volunteering and providing education through community outreach. Please review the website: It's full of information you'll find useful. Best of luck with your plans. We look forward to working with you!.

Master Gardener Demo Gardens

    Date Posted: Thu, Sep 30 - 2:42 pm


  • Hi, Does RVA have any demo gardens like MGNV has in Arlington and Alexandra? Is there anyway to volunteer? Thank you, sue
  • Answer

  • Good morning! Unfortunately, the Richmond Master Gardener Program does not have any demo gardens. I am aware of demo gardens in other parts of the state, as well as some in other states, but at this time we do not operate one here in Richmond. That's not to say we won't develop one in the future! We have had discussions in our Master Gardener group, but as this time no specific plans are in the works. As far as volunteering, are you currently a Master Gardener? If you are, you can contact any of the local Virginia Cooperative Extension offices (Richmond City's VCE number is 804.786.4150; or you could contact the VCE programs in Chesterfield, Henrico, or Hanover) to find out about volunteer opportunities available to Master Gardeners. If you are not a trained Master Gardener, you may want to reach out to one of the public gardens in Richmond (i.e. Maymont, or Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden) who have organized volunteer programs for individuals who are passionate about gardening. Thanks again for your question, Sue, and good luck!