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Plant identification and recommendations

    Date Posted: Wed, May 01 - 12:03 am


  • I have a lot of what I am told is moss in my yard. Have pictures to send. Can you identify it and provide any treatment options?
  • Answer

  • Thank you for reaching out to the Richmond Master Gardeners. I will send you an e-mail to be able to get the pictures from you and we will try to give you some assistance.

English Ivy Replacements

    Date Posted: Mon, Mar 18 - 12:49 am


  • Hi there! We just had a ton of English ivy removed from our yard and were wondering if someone would be willing to help us plan/design the landscape since we have a mostly clean slate! Thanks for your time. Regards, Haven
  • Answer

  • Oh! English Ivy is one of my enemies. I bet it feels so great to have it removed from your yard. And you are absolutely correct in wanting to plant in its place. We do not have any master gardeners going out on site to make recommendations like this, but many of our local nurseries are excellent resources for landscape and design advice (ex Sneeds, Cross Creek, Great Big Green house and I'm sure others)! There are even several local native plant growers that offer their services for this as well (ex Reedy Creek Environmental, Parallel Nursery). It seems like you are looking to take advantage of the blank slate you have and design a wonderful space for yourself. However, it you, or anyone else reading this answer, are interested in strictly filling the space left from removing english Ivy, The Northern Virginia Master Gardeners have a great article about replacing english ivy. Their top three suggestions include: golden ragwort (Packera aurea), Christmas fern (Polystichum acrostichoides) and Hairy alumroot (Heuchera villosa). Their full article can be found here: Good luck!! Happy gardening!

Joining Master Gardeners

    Date Posted: Tue, Mar 05 - 12:26 pm


  • Good March morning, I read about Richmond Master Gardeners and would love to learn more about participating. Thanks so much.
  • Answer

  • Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in getting involved with the master gardeners. To become a master gardener, there is a 50 hours of classroom instruction that is followed by 50 volunteer hours. Unfortunately, the city of Richmond has been without an extension agent to organize the training program for the last several years. We are hoping to connect with another locality that is offering virtual training classes for 2025, but have yet to nail that down. In the mean time, several of our neighboring counties have an annual training program you could apply to be a part of: Chesterfield, Henrico and Hanover. You can find more information about Chesterfields program here:,-A%20Virginia%20Cooperative&text=Training%20consists%20of%2050%20hours,programs%20during%20the%20first%20year. And Hanover's here: While we wish we could bring new members directly into the Richmond group, we do hope you will find a way to get involved in the Master Gardener program! It is very rewarding!

Seed Libraries

    Date Posted: Fri, Mar 01 - 2:05 am


  • Hi - I am setting up a seed library at the Chesterfield County Public Library. I saw that you have a well stocked seed library at the Richmond Public Main library. I was hoping to get some insight on the best place to get seeds for our project. Thanks!
  • Answer

  • Hello! The seeds for our seed library have all come from our Master Gardeners. They have been a combination of harvested seeds which our MG’s have harvested and packaged in small envelopes, and commercially sold seeds which our MG’s have donated, typically extras from their own seed collections. Its amazing how many seeds are core active group has been able to provide to keep our seed libraries going! We hope you all will find as much success if you ask your members for seeds!

Joining Richmond Master Gardeners

    Date Posted: Fri, Mar 01 - 1:22 am


  • I would like to connect with the Richmond Master Gardeners! I am a Henrico County member but live in the city. I am interested in meeting other gardeners and learning about your projects. Thank you so much!
  • Answer

  • Hello! We would love to connect with you as well. I will send you an e-mail to follow up with you directly and help connect you with our gardeners and projects.

Joining RVA Master Gardeners

    Date Posted: Fri, Mar 01 - 1:11 am


  • Hello — I was so excited to read about RVa Master Gardeners! I live in RVa near FH Park and am currently in the Hanover MG Trainee class. I would love to be involved in volunteer activities here — can you please send me information about membership, meetings, etc. Thank you!
  • Answer

  • Hi! I'm so excited you are in the training class right now - hope you are enjoying it and getting a lot out of it! Richmond has been without an extension agent for the last several years and are therefore unable to offer the training class ourselves right now. We do, however, have a small group of active members that are meeting regularly and working around the city with the majority of our work being focused with schools and libraries. We are able to accept transfers from other localities after completion of the master gardener training class. I will follow up with an e-mail so that we can connect and I can answer any further questions more directly!

Vegetables and Fruits for shady areas

    Date Posted: Wed, Feb 28 - 1:00 am


  • Are there any fruits or vegetables that would grow well in a pretty shady area? My property has a lot of trees but I would like to try growing edible plants if possible!
  • Answer

  • Yes! There are a few vegetable options for shady areas: 1. Salad greens like arugula, spinach, endive and other lettuces. 2. Leafy Greens like swiss chard, collards, kale and mustard greens. 3. Root veggies like carrots, beets, potatoes, radishes, rutabaga and turnips. 4. Brassica veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and cabbage. 4. herbs The Fairfax Master Gardeners have a great article about shade tolerant fruits. In their article they say: "Gooseberries, red currants and elderberries are the most shade tolerant fruit we can grow in Virginia. Blueberries and some figs will produce a decent crop in light to moderate shade. Serviceberries, pawpaws and cherry trees are small, understory trees that can bear abundant crops." You can find the full article here: Now is a great time to be planning your spring plantings! Happy Gardening!

Lectures for Master Gardeners

    Date Posted: Wed, Feb 28 - 12:36 am


  • Would Richmond's Master Gardener Program be interested in having a former entomology professor and EPA employee provide teaching lectures on insects (and their damage) in the garden and reading pesticide labels? I have been doing the lectures via zoom for the classes in Louisa and Fluvanna. However, I live and garden in Richmond. I would be happy to discuss lectures and lecture scheduling. Helen Hull-Sanders, Ph.D.
  • Answer

  • Absolutely! We would love that. We aim to have lectures at each of our meetings and we are still building our schedule of speakers for this year. I will send you an e-mail to coordinate with you. Thank you so much for the offer!

Master Gardener Class

    Date Posted: Sat, Feb 24 - 12:31 pm


  • Hi, when is the next master gardener class registration? I’m a Richmond resident and would love to become a master gardener.
  • Answer

  • Hello! We would love to have you join our group! Unfortunately the city has been without an extension agent for the last several years and this makes it so we are unable to offer the class. The extension agent serves as the class facilitator and organizer. We have had some conversations with various levels of state organization about being able to partner with another locality that offers virtual classes, but have not made any finalized plans with that avenue yet. In the mean time, there is the option of connecting with one of our neighboring counties (Chesterfield, Hanover or Henrico) to complete the classwork and then transferring your membership to the City of Richmond afterwards. I wish this was an easier process, we would love to add more master gardeners to our group!

Adult Gardening Classes

    Date Posted: Mon, Feb 19 - 11:36 pm


  • Do you have adult classes on any subjects about gardening. We are just retired but have been doing a little gardening both flowers and vegetables. Thanks Millie and Boris
  • Answer

  • Hello Millie and Boris! Happy Retirement! What a great time to learn more about gardening. Unfortunately the Richmond Master Gardeners are not currently offering any classes but there are other options in the area. Chesterfield Master Gardeners offers classes and opportunities in their demonstration garden: And the Goochland Master Gardeners have their Annual Spring Garden Fest coming up on Saturday April 27th that will include multiple class/workshop options. You can find more info and sign up for that here: In addition, many of our local nurseries (Cross Creek, Strange's, Great Big Greenhouse, Sneeds, etc) are offering many different class options now through April/May. Happy Gardening!