BMER/Lit Chicks Read

The Richmond Public Library Black Male Emergent  Readers Literacy Program (BMER) is a game-changer for inner city school teens, especially boys, in Richmond.  With the library acting as catalyst, non-profits, community organizations, businesses, and individuals, can make a difference in the lives and academic performance of African American males. Library patrons can check out the BMER or Lit Chicks Read kits using their library cards. Each kit designed for a group of ten to twelve students contains empowering books and activities that develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in these content areas: art, careers, civics, dance, history, horticulture, music, poetry, science and technology, sports, theater, tradition and culture. The objectives for BMER students are:  Communication, Literacy, Self-Esteem, and Creating a Positive Network/Community through reading empowering texts.

We know girls read, too!  Lit Chicks Read kits contain books that are of interest to and support success of all teens  – Get Lit!  Using Get Lit Book kits, mentors, teachers, parents, and community leaders will lead book, essay, and multi-media discussions to challenge youth to read, observe, and express their interests  in social justice and community through  writing, speaking, and artistic expression.  Kits circulate for nine weeks.

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