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Main Library Renovation Q&A



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Newly Answered Questions

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Children's Section

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:47 pm


  • What improvements will be made to the young readers section of the library? Specifically for 4-8th grade readers.
  • Answer

  • Children and youth are our most important library users and they deserve to have the best. The new Children’s Area will increase in square footage and be physically engaging and visually appealing to children of all ages. The plan is to have an exhibit space specifically designed to interest children (think dinosaurs or physical spaces designed to intrigue and engage).

Co-working spaces at the library

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:44 pm


  • Are there any opportunities to leverage the design resources associated with the new Fairfield Area branch of HPL? That library is absolutely incredible and provides the public equivalent of co-working space that's otherwise out of reach for many Richmonders.
  • Answer

  • The city partnered with architects that have extensive experience in creating and renovating library and community spaces. One aspect of the new library is a small business incubator, Foundation resource center, and coworking space is a valuable idea to consider.

Meeting Rooms for Community Use

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:40 pm


  • Have you considered adding glass surrounded meeting rooms that could be reserved for small classes or quiet study?
  • Answer

  • Yes, there are plans in the renovated space that will include (glass walled, writable glass) meeting rooms for community use. The size of the meeting rooms will vary based on individual and group needs.

Technology @ RPL

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:38 pm


  • How will technology support the Richmond Library of the future?
  • Answer

  • Technology is integral to the Richmond Library of the future. This building will be designed to accommodate the power and data needs of future technology.

Main Entrance

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:37 pm


  • Will the main entrance be on Franklin or Main Street?
  • Answer

  • In this concept the main entrance will be on E. Franklin Street. We considered relocating the main entrance or adding other entrances but the change did not operationally work.

Site Plan for Main Library Renovations

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:34 pm


  • Will there be a site plan and additional renderings?
  • Answer

  • Yes, community input and feedback will continue to be essential as we move through the planning process. We will share the site plan and next steps. Please continue to visit the Library website for the latest information.

Sunday Hours

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:32 pm


  • Why aren’t all Richmond libraries open on Sundays? This is the first place that I've lived where the libraries aren’t open on Sundays.
  • Answer

  • Sundays are traditionally a popular day to visit the public library. Increasing the hours the libraries are open is an important focus for the Library Board of Trustees (our governing body) and City Leadership. Our hope is that we will be able to return to longer evening hours and Sunday hours.

Parking at Main Library

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:29 pm


  • Is parking really an issue?
  • Answer

  • In our first community meeting, July of 2021, the most emphatic need expressed was for safe, accessible parking for library users. It was identified as a barrier to be addressed in the master planning process.