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The older Dooley building

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 5:16 pm


  • What is the plan for the historic section of the library that was built by Mrs. Dooley? Will it be maintained as it was with the original expansion?
  • Answer

  • The 1972 expansion responded to the need of Richmonders at the time, adding 90,000 sq ft. for books. Elements of the older Dooley building will be saved. Any attempted renovation to the older building would require extensive renovation and engineering to bring the building into code compliance. This option was reviewed extensively, and unfortunately preservation and structurally reinventing the space to modern library needs would add significant, prohibitive cost.

Renewable Energy @ RPL

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 5:07 pm


  • Will this renovation plan bring the Main branch to a net-zero energy standard or LEED platinum standard? How does this plan take into account the Climate Emergency?
  • Answer

  • Our goal is a silver LEED building at a minimum. The overarching environmental and sustainability goal is to be the first net-zero or net-positive library in the region.

Redesigning Main Library

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 5:03 pm


  • Is redesigning an already beautiful public structure an efficient use of funds?
  • Answer

  • We are delighted to hear people love the Main Library. As with any building that has sections 50 and 100 years old, there are challenges. The HVAC systems are not as reliable or energy efficient as newer systems, and with the increase in water related events, the flooding experienced in the library basement has increased, putting books and other resources at risk. An investment in the Main Library is a responsible use of funds to support Richmond for the next 50-100 years.

Children's Section

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:47 pm


  • What improvements will be made to the young readers section of the library? Specifically for 4-8th grade readers.
  • Answer

  • Children and youth are our most important library users and they deserve to have the best. The new Children’s Area will increase in square footage and be physically engaging and visually appealing to children of all ages. The plan is to have an exhibit space specifically designed to interest children (think dinosaurs or physical spaces designed to intrigue and engage).

Meeting Rooms for Community Use

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:40 pm


  • Have you considered adding glass surrounded meeting rooms that could be reserved for small classes or quiet study?
  • Answer

  • Yes, there are plans in the renovated space that will include (glass walled, writable glass) meeting rooms for community use. The size of the meeting rooms will vary based on individual and group needs.

Main Entrance

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:37 pm


  • Will the main entrance be on Franklin or Main Street?
  • Answer

  • In this concept the main entrance will be on E. Franklin Street. We considered relocating the main entrance or adding other entrances but the change did not operationally work.

Site Plan for Main Library Renovations

    Date Posted: Fri, Apr 01 - 4:34 pm


  • Will there be a site plan and additional renderings?
  • Answer

  • Yes, community input and feedback will continue to be essential as we move through the planning process. We will share the site plan and next steps. Please continue to visit the Library website for the latest information.