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Introducing … The Bookologist

Posted about 2 weeks ago by Meg Raymond
Public libraries are all about connecting books and readers.  It’s in our DNA!  Browsing the shelves or the online catalog can be rewarding, but the choices can be … overwhelming.  […]
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Reading Pandemic Fiction in a Pandemic

Posted about 3 months ago by Meg Raymond
Is this pandemic messing with your reading habits? It’s messing with mine. I have more time for reading, but reading has gotten so much more difficult. I am one of […]
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Read Harder, Smaller, in 2018

Posted about 3 years ago by Natalie Draper
Book Riot has challenged us once again to Read Harder with a list of reading challenges¬†for 2018. You can find neat recommendations all over, such as here and here. And […]
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