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Posted about 3 hours ago by kathryn Coker
Please join the Law Library during the month of August as we commemorate the ratification and adoption to the US Constitution in 1920 of the 19th Amendment whereby women won […]
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The Declaration of Independence: The Ideals

Posted about 1 month ago by kathryn Coker
What Does July 4th Mean? Some might say it is a holiday, a time for fireworks and grilling. Other people might reply “it’s when the Declaration of Independence was signed.” […]
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Commemorate Freedom: Juneteenth 2021

Posted about 2 months ago by kathryn Coker
Virginia State Holiday As of October 2020, Juneteenth is a permanent statewide holiday in Virginia. Virginians, like others across America will celebrate in various ways ranging from parades, dancing, visiting historical sites, […]
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Posted about 2 months ago by kathryn Coker
Prisoners of War Arrive During World War II, the U.S. was “home” to over 425,000 prisoners of war (POWs). They were Japanese, German and Italians from the Axis countries  captured […]
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COLONIAL FOUNDERS DAY: And Searching RPL’s New Catalog

Posted about 3 months ago by kathryn Coker
In 2004, the Virginia General Assembly designated May 14th as Colonial Founders Day.  So, I decided for this blog to give a short historical overview of Jamestown and then launch […]
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Earth Day 2021

Posted about 3 months ago by Lisa Crisman
“In nature, nothing exists alone.”— Rachel Carson, 1962 Even if a big Earth Day celebration is not happening in RVA, there are events going on virtually. From National Geographic’s Earth […]
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Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust

Posted about 4 months ago by kathryn Coker
In 1979, Congress designated the Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust (DRVH), an annual 8-day commemoration with tributes and special educational programs to help us remember and learn […]
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Celebrating National Poetry Month

Posted about 4 months ago by Alexandra Zukas
Hello, readers! Not only is this week National Library Week (and coincidentally, RPL’s reopening week), but it’s also currently National Poetry Month! I’ll admit that I haven’t always found poetry […]
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Jailed For Freedom: Virginia’s Occoquan Workhouse

Posted about 5 months ago by kathryn Coker
Lorton, Virginia’s Occoquan Workhouse,built in 1910 and originally used to hold prisoners completing short sentences for offenses like disorderly conduct, played a key role in women’s suffrage history. National Woman’s […]
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New Richmond Public Law Library Book Club

Posted about 6 months ago by kathryn Coker
The Richmond Public Law Library is launching the bi-monthly Oliver W. Hill Book Club on Monday, March 8th online. The club is named in honor of Oliver W. Hill (1907–2007), […]
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