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Edge of Your Seat Mysteries for Teens

Posted about 6 years ago by Jennifer Deuell

The change in weather and the fall winds blowing puts me in the mood for a good mystery, something to keep me on the edge of my seat.  That is why I’ve planned a thrilling night of murder and mystery at the library. The first full week of November is International Games Week.  And to celebrate, this year RPL will be hosting a Live Murder Mystery Clue Game every day that week (November 4-10).

Just like in the traditional board game, Mr. Boddy is hosting a party at his house.  Unfortunately, he meets an untimely death before the party can even begin. Everyone is suspect…even YOU!  Join us at one of your local RPL branches and help catch the killer. Teens and adults are welcome.  To register, contact me at or (804) 646-4740.

Meanwhile, to help get you in the mood for mystery, check out one of these young adult thrillers:

Overturned by L. R. Giles

The infamous gambler daughter of a man on death row is drawn into her father’s obsessive hunt through the seedy underbelly of Vegas to discover the person who framed him.




I was here by Gayle Forman 

Devastated by her best friend’s suicide, Cody discovers links to a shady online support group that she infiltrates before realizing that she is also falling prey to their seductive messages. By the award-winning author of If I Stay.



Nearly gone by Elle Cosimano

When a serial killer is targeting her classmates, Nearly is the only student capable of deciphering the cryptic ads left by the killer in the newspaper, and if she doesn’t put all the clues together soon, she may be the next victim.


Dead to me by Mary McCoy

In 1948 Hollywood, a treacherous world of tough-talking private eyes, psychopathic movie stars and troubled starlets, 16-year-old Alice tries to find a young runaway who is the sole witness to a beating that put her sister, Annie, in a coma.



Dead connection by Charlie Price

A loner who communes with the dead in the town cemetery hears the voice of a murdered cheerleader and tries to convince the adults that he knows what happened to her.




Down the rabbit hole : an Echo Falls mystery by Peter Abrahams

When the director of her school play suddenly has an accident, her shoes go missing, and things in town start becoming more strange with every passing moment, Ingrid must find a way to get to the bottom of the matter in order to set things right in her small community of Echo Falls once again.


Evil genius by Catherine Jinks

As a diligent student of criminal mastermind Dr. Phineas Darkkon, Cadel Piggott has grown into quite an intelligent thief and computer hacker, but at fourteen and with new plots on the agenda, Cadel begins to rethink his future and the evil plans his mentor has in store for the world.



First shot by Walter Sorrells

David Crandall, haunted by his mother’s murder, decides to launch his own investigation when he senses that someone knows more than they’re letting on, plunging him into a dangerous world where a dark family secret leads him to believe that his own father is the killer.


The girl is murder by Kathryn Miller Haines

In 1942 New York City, Iris grieves for the loss of her mother, who has committed suicide, and secretly helps her detective father, as he struggles to make ends meet.



Me, the missing, and the dead by Jenny Valentine

When he ends up in possession of an urn with ashes, Lucas Swain becomes convinced that its occupant, Violet Park, is communicating with him, forcing him to finally confront the events surrounding his father’s sudden disappearance.


Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick

In a tense, psychological drama set in the snowy wilderness of the Arctic Circle during the Alaska Gold Rush, 14-year-old Sig confronts a stranger who has come to settle the score with Sig’s now-dead father.



Agnes Quill : an anthology of mystery by Dave Roman

Follows the adventures of teenage detective Agnes Quill, who lives in a haunted city, has a natural ability to communicate with the dead, and helps souls find their way in the afterlife, often uncovering the mystery of how they ended up there.

Jennifer Deuell

Jenn Deuell is a Librarian with Richmond Public Library. She is a native of Fredericksburg, VA but has lived in Richmond for long enough that she now considers it home. She loves all things YA and can usually be found curled up at home with a good book (rainy day or not). Her other hobbies include traveling and spending time with family, including her husband, daughter Hannah, and two rescued pit bulls. For YA reading recommendations from Jenn, visit Bookologist.

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