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COLONIAL FOUNDERS DAY: And Searching RPL’s New Catalog

Posted about 6 days ago by kathryn Coker
In 2004, the Virginia General Assembly designated May 14th as Colonial Founders Day.  So, I decided for this blog to give a short historical overview of Jamestown and then launch […]
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Celebrate the Days – May

Posted about 2 weeks ago by Meg Raymond
There are holidays and observations every day of the month – so many reasons to celebrate. I’m not saying there should be cake every day, but I’m not saying there […]
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Celebrate the Days – April

Posted about 2 months ago by Meg Raymond
Sweet April showers do spring May flowers! Rain, rain, go away – come again another day. April is the kindest (or is it the cruelest?) month. Maybe we all need […]
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Jailed For Freedom: Virginia’s Occoquan Workhouse

Posted about 2 months ago by kathryn Coker
Lorton, Virginia’s Occoquan Workhouse,built in 1910 and originally used to hold prisoners completing short sentences for offenses like disorderly conduct, played a key role in women’s suffrage history. National Woman’s […]
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Help! Taxes!

Posted about 3 months ago by Meg Raymond
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Last year, the IRS pushed the tax filing deadline to July 15, 2020, for 2019 returns.  So far, the April 15th deadline is in place this year for filing 2020 […]
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Explore Black History Across America

Posted about 3 months ago by Katherine Daigle
The roots of Black History Month spans back to 1926 when what is now the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), established the second week […]
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Posted about 4 months ago by kathryn Coker
In December 2011, President Barack Obama proclaimed January, National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. His proclamation read in part: Nearly a century and a half ago, President Abraham Lincoln issued […]
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Black Lives Matter: Kids Edition

Posted about 4 months ago by Naomi D'Archangel
    It may be a New Year but these issues are still as prevalent as ever. Kids are never too young to start learning about the world around them. […]
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FOUND: The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Posted about 5 months ago by Meldon Jenkins-Jones
Lost or dead. We often see the unhappy plight of an art no longer in use as an indication of cultural decay. We can also see a challenge. These days, […]
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Posted about 5 months ago by kathryn Coker
Presidential Proclamation On November 27, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a proclamation designating  December 15 as Bill of Rights Day. The proclamation read in part: The first ten amendments, […]
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