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Love, Seldom, Trust, Never

Posted about 2 years ago by April Freeman
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( When the Game Start Playing You!)

Love Seldom. Trust Never. - Kindle edition by Marshall, Ty. Literature &  Fiction Kindle eBooks @


This title alone had me intrigued about what was within these pages. Ty Marshall is one of the authors that I that patiently wait on to drop a new book. He’s an amazing writer who refuses to write the predictable urban fiction. He provides three dimensional character emotions that are authentic and believable which makes the readers want to continue to turn the book page. Mr. Marshall has a way of making the most unlikeable characters become the reader’s favorite. He did it so well in GoldBlooded with the character Golden and Rheason. Let us not forget the ultimate bad guy in Key to the Kingdom, Yasin.

Love, Seldom, Trust, Never is a coming of age story with a gutter twist. This story begins in the heart of Miami, when a child named East attends the funeral of a father he never knew. From the first page, you could tell that East is a survivor. As a child, East had to keep pushing through the death of his mother at an early age. Now, being an adult and living on his own, East finds out that the one person that he opened up to did one of the worst act to him.  

This book takes on East’s journey from adolescence to manhood. Like any abandoned child in the world that’s been adopted by the streets, East has to navigate his way through life by realizing who’s his friend and who’s his foe. Although East didn’t have a relationship with his father, he still knew who he was: a legend in the streets. East’s father who name is Derek Eastwood was the best fighter in the Miami projects called the Pork and Beans. Along with a ladies man and street hustler. At the day of his father’s funeral, he meets Ricardo one of his father’s oldest friends. East crossing paths with Ricardo changes his life forever-and in more ways than one. Nobody is who they seem, but everybody is exactly who they are.

Even though East is short on family in this book, he isn’t short on real family in his corner. East attaches himself to Tez, who acts as a mentor and teaches him one of the most valuable lessons of the game, “Trust no one.”

The title of this book is so befitting! If you are looking for a good read that will keep you on your toes, then look no further, because this is it.


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