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“The Best We Could Do”

Posted about 4 years ago by Laura Price
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I am just about half-way through an excellent graphic novel called “The Best We Could Do.” It’s the memoir of a Vietnamese refugee named Thi Bui, who recounts the struggles and milestones she and her family experienced both in Vietnam and the US. What I like about the work: the narrative flows easily through the writer’s family history, the triumphs and tragedies, and the wars which traumatized her people; the historical references, which have compelled me to read more about the actual events; and the delicate artwork presented in muted, neutral tones.

If graphic novels are not a genre you would usually choose, I would recommend “The Best We Could Do” as a first try. For others, this debut work will not disappoint.

Laura Price

I work at Broad Rock Library as a library technician. I enjoy reading, crafts and travel.

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