Effective September 23, 2021, and until further directed, all city employees, contracted vendors, sub-contracted employees, and visitors are required to wear a mask while working or visiting any city owned or operated facility. Masks shall be worn, covering both the nose and mouth, regardless of vaccination status.

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Veterans Day

Posted about 4 weeks ago by Laura Price
“To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with lots of pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude […]
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Learning to Love Our Autumn Years

Posted about 2 months ago by Laura Price
“Grow old with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made…”             Robert Browning The official start of autumn, also known […]
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Bastille Day: À la France, avec Amour

Posted about 5 months ago by Laura Price
The friendship between the United States and France spans decades. Generations of Americans have shown their amour for French fashion, food, architecture and people, to name just a few. And […]
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Memories of Ireland

Posted about 9 months ago by Laura Price
Posted in Adult, Children's, Travel
With a great-great-grandmother named Margaret Mary Murphy, it was a sure bet that I would someday see Ireland. Even though over 30 years have passed since I visited, the overall […]
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Celebrating the Year of the Ox

Posted about 10 months ago by Laura Price
It's the Year of the Ox! Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a new book!
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COVID Haiku Too

Posted about 1 year ago by Laura Price
Posted in Poetry, Writing | Tagged with
Embraces with words, Smiles behind our masks— “Yes, we’re open now!” Their visits were brief. Patrons here with us, sharing Their long alone times. Only a few days– Laughter, questions, […]
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Posted about 1 year ago by Laura Price
Posted in Poetry, Writing
Gentle, dappled light,Through semi-shaded windows,Waiting for someone. Eyes above the masks,Fearful yet still hopeful–Can I be of help? Masks cannot obscureSmiles and grins and gladness.We are glad you’re here! Someone […]
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My Summer with Jay

Posted about 4 years ago by Laura Price
Posted in Book Reviews
Whether it was required summer reading for AP English or Freshman Core class (an interdisciplinary mashup of lit, economics and anthropology), I cannot be sure. What I do recall is […]
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SRP Haiku

Posted about 4 years ago by Laura Price
Fewer students here: Backpacks full, homework in hand— Summer has arrived!   Now some time for fun, Playing indoors and outside, Feeling sun and breeze.   Summer reading starts– Crafting, […]
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Rainy May Reflections

Posted about 5 years ago by Laura Price
I once worked for one of the big box bookstores. During training I was told that, when helping a customer find a potential purchase, I should put the book, movie, […]
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