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Tiny and Terrific: A long list of short books

Posted about 7 years ago by Natalie Draper

Looking at your 2017 reading goal got you all…

Not to worry. Time to get minimal. Down-size your life. Tiny houses are all the rage, you know? What kind of book goes best in a tiny house? A tiny book of course, and bonus minimalist points for checking it out at the library. We’ve got you covered with some super tiny books that pack a punch in one sitting. These the are some of the best under 200 page wonders of the past year (or so) to get you caught up.

You Should have Left by Daniel Kehlmann is a creepy and enjoyable 1 hour ghost story, suitable for those who have already exhausted season 2 of Stranger Things, and you know you already have so don’t tell me you don’t have time to read. 114 pages.

Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag is 119 pages for fans of Akhil Sharma, Mohsin Hamid, and Teju Cole (all masters of slim but powerful books).

Glaxo by Hernán Ronsino is a gripping 92 page murder investigation that spans decades in Argentina.

One of the Boys by Daniel Magariel is an unsettling exploration of a troubled childhood, in 168 pages.

Dear Cyborgs by Eugene Lim is 163 pages of delightful satire in the form of superheroes on their lunch break.

Found Audio by N.J. Campbell is a 162 page epistolary mystery told in transcripts of audio snippets.

Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin another sort of surrealist ghost story, in 192 pages.

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave is 192 marvelous pages of Nick Cave being Nick Cave.

Suite for Barbara Loden by Nathalie Léger, 121 pages and you can see my earlier review for how much I love this tiny little book.

Whatever Happened to Interracial Love? by Kathleen Collins. See above, 192 pages.

You could also check out some new, slim poetry collections:

Heaven Is All Goodbyes by Tongo Eisen-Martin, for fans of Gil Scott Heron, Claudia Rankine, Amiri Baraka.

Electric Arches by Eve L. Ewing, 94 wonderful pages. Chicago makes for a powerful setting.

And for once you’re back on track, check out these slightly over 200 pages but still quick reads:

Fear: A Novel by Dirk Kurbjuweit for fans of Hermann Koch (The Dinner), 272 pages.

Universal Harvester by John Darnielle for fans of VHS, and of John Darnielle. 214 pages.

The End by Fernanda Torres is 256 fast moving, funny pages about 4 aging Lotharios in Rio.

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, for fans of great stories. 240 pages.

What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons is one of my favorite books of the year, recommended for fans of Zadie Smith.

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