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The Richmond Public Library offers users the opportunity to access several mediums through our e-resources. One of the apps that we consistently recommend to our patrons is Hoopla. Hoopla allows for library patrons to connect to our collection beyond physical or electronic print. For those that love to listen to a variety of artists, Hoopla can be the gateway to keeping up with your favorite genres without having to pay that pesky monthly subscription fee! 

This series will focus exclusively on albums available for free through the Hoopla app with your Richmond Public Library card. Look no further, we got you. 

Album Title:  DAMN 
Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Genre: Rap
Favorite Song on the Album: ELEMENT

Dynamic beats and heavy-hitting flow work help to contribute to one of the most anticipated releases of 2017. Lamar uses his wit and his unique vocals to paint a picture of his America and draw you into his world. Each song is a story so vivid that you can't help but want to see more. 
Album Title:  Remember My Song 
Artist: Labi Siffre
Genre: R&B/Soul, Rock, Jazz
Favorite Song on the Album: I Got the...

The album starts off strong with one of the funkiest bass lines ever crafted. Siffre's voice is a treasure, his flexibility and talent is undeniable. This album has influenced many and has been sampled dozens of times. You may recognize the pulls in songs by anyone from Mark Ronson to Kanye. 
Album Title:  Tina Turns the Country On! 
Artist: Tina Turner
Genre: Rock, Country
Favorite Song on the Album: I'm Movin' On 

Previously unavailable on streaming services, fans of the legendary Ms. Tina can now enjoy this album of cover songs with a hint of country charm and twang. Rocky and firm, the Queen reminds you why she is called just that. 
Album Title:  Traumazine
Artist: Megan Thee Stallion 
Genre: Rap
Favorite Song on the Album: Budget (feat. Latto) 

Easily one of the most popular artists out right now, Megan shows off her charm in both her music and on social media. With new and talented female rappers emerging daily, Megan holds her own and continues to shine as a fan favorite. She's not afraid to say her piece and backs up her pen with equally beautiful visuals. #hottieslovemeg
Album Title:  Songs in the Key of Life 
Artist: Stevie Wonder 
Genre: Motown
Favorite Song on the Album: As

Two words can be used to describe this album: No skips. Released decades before I was born, Sir Duke was the most anticipated song performed at my 3rd grade school concert. Stevie's impact is undeniable---his artistry knows no bounds and he remains one of the most cherished artists of our time. 
Album Title:  Die Lit 
Artist: Playboi Carti 
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Favorite Song on the Album: Long Time (Intro) 

Zippy lyricism and a slew of infectious imitation worthy beats make up Carti’s debut album. This kid knows how to have fun and throw it into his records. Memorable ad-libs worth repeating make you want to bop along for the ride. 
Album Title:  All Is Yellow 
Artist: Lyrical Lemonade 
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
Favorite Song on the Album: First Night 

Don’t you love when multiple artists stack up together and collaborate on a song? Well, that’s what Lyrical Lemonade decided to do and morph it into a full fledged album. From pairing Cordae and Juice WRLD to UMI uniting with Sahbabii and Teezo Touchdown, listeners will be able to tune into the Rolls Royce of mashups. 
Album Title:  2000AND4EVA
Artist: Bree Runway 
Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop
Favorite Song on the Album: ATM (feat. Missy Elliott)

The UK has a pop princess, and it's Bree. If Missy Elliott and Madonna had a baby that was raised by Lady Gaga, you'd get this album. She is lightyears ahead of the game. All of her songs make you wanna speed down the highway (don't do that please) with your windows down screaming at the top of your lungs. 

I love to believe that I have EXQUISITE music taste, so I am grateful to have the platform to share it with you all. Like Kendrick Lamar said, there’s a difference between Black artists and wack artists.

Happy Black Music month! 


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