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Rainy May Reflections

Posted about 7 years ago by Laura Price

I once worked for one of the big box bookstores. During training I was told that, when helping a customer find a potential purchase, I should put the book, movie, etc., in his or her hands when found. For the most part, once a person was able to hold, consider and look at the item, it would be bought. Putting the searched-for item in their hands usually made the sale.

Fast forward to RPL: Every week, when I find specific books, movies, or other requested items for our patrons, the satisfaction they express when I place their wanted object in their hands is priceless. Whether it’s a favorite picture book from long ago, a diccionario, a printout or an oldie-but-goodie film, giving patrons what they want is what I want. Sold!

One of our “regulars” is in a wheelchair, yet she uses it so skillfully that often I don’t even hear her when she is in the stacks. I once recommended some travel videos to her, which she said she greatly enjoyed.

I saw her recently, waiting in the rain, with her yellow poncho covering her, for the bus that was slowly coming to her stop. Seeing her made me consider what some folks undertake when they make a trip to their local library. For some, it’s as easy as taking a few steps or driving a couple of miles. For others, it is much more of an outing.

Laura Price

I work at Broad Rock Library as a library technician. I enjoy reading, crafts and travel.

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