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X & Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness Month

Posted about 8 months ago by Meldon Jenkins-Jones

In 2012 the State Legislature passed HJ216 2012 which designated May as “X & Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness Month”.


Genetic Disorders

X & Y Chromosomal Variations are genetic disorders. They affect growth and development and cause a lifelong condition that results in an impairment of an individual’s ability to learn and delayed development in the central nervous system and body condition. Every day 20 children in the United States will be born with XXY, XXX, and XYY chromosomal variations, and only five of those 20 will be diagnosed in their lifetime and receive appropriate treatment.


Although there is no cure, persons with X & Y Chromosomal Variations can be treated for this disorder; early diagnosis and intervention are vital to the success of these individuals;


The purpose of the “X & Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness Month” is to bring attention to the prevalence of X & Y Chromosomal Variations and provide an opportunity to educate parents, teachers, and healthcare practitioners about X & Y Chromosomal Variations and how to test for, care for, and treat these disorders;


Support groups and organizations have dedicated years of research and service in their ongoing efforts to promote support and knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of all persons with X & Y Chromosomal Variations. These groups remain committed to their cause and to educating families, professionals, and the general public to better understand this lifelong disability;

More Research

Furthermore, X & Y Chromosomal Variations are complex disorders that require increased research and knowledge to continue finding treatments to maximize potential; greater recognition and understanding are needed to ensure that individuals living with X & Y Chromosomal Variations are diagnosed and appropriately treated throughout their lives.

For More Information about X and Y chromosomal variations:

AXYS www.genetic.org

The Focus Foundation  thefocusfoundation.org/x-y-chromosomal-variations

InterConnect (formerly the AIS-DSD Support Group of North America) https://interconnect.support/

For Further Reading about X and Y chromosomal variations:

Living with Klinefelter Syndrome, Trisomy X, and 47,XYY: A guide for families and individuals affected by X and Y chromosome variations by Virginia Isaacs Cover MSW




Living With My X: The true story of one man and a rogue chromosome by Stephen Malherbe

Raising Rose: Our Story of Parenting an Intersex Child by Eric and Stephani Lohman

X & Y Chromosomal Variations: Hormones,  Brain Development, and Neurodevelopmental Performance (Colloquium the Developing Brain) by Carole A. Samango-Sprouse and Andrea L. Gropman



Meldon Jenkins-Jones

Meldon Jenkins-Jones is the Law Librarian for the Richmond Public Law Library. She received her Master of Science degree in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University.

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