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Richmond Public Library is your public library. Although books are in our DNA, public libraries of today are so much more. In the spirit of holiday giving, we are presenting (see what we did there?) a series of blog posts highlighting all of the resources available to you — in the library, or at home — to become a Richmond Public Library power user. All you need is a library card. Don’t have a library card? Find out how to get one here.

At the Richmond Public Library, we continually strive to offer our patrons access to current and emerging technologies! We frequently assess the needs of our community and discover ways that we can address them. We have numerous services that will allow our users to remain up-to-date with the newest trends, empowering them in both their personal and professional lives. 

At each of our locations we offer the following:

Public use computers: Whether you need to read the latest gossip or spruce up an old resume, our computers are free to use and simply require a library card. They each come equipped with Microsoft office and can access the internet. If you prefer to use your own devices and just need wi-fi, our locations each have a guest connection that is accessible to all, no registration required. Just select RPL-Guest, agree to the usage terms and services, then viola! You’re good to go.

Don’t have your own computer but have work that requires you to access it outside of the location? Great news! We have a number of laptops that can be checked out with your library card and only need to be returned in two weeks. Review our checkout policy for laptops here

Scanners: Each branch has a flatbed and double-sided scanner which can scan your documents to be faxed, printed, or forwarded to email. The scanners allow for either black and white or color versions of your documents to be shared and includes several options for users to select and save their scans in the file type of their choice.

Notary: One of the more recent updates to our system is that we offer notary services to the general public at no cost. To ensure that the paperwork you are seeking notarization for is covered by our services, please call ahead to speak with a notary to describe the paperwork in detail. Also, remember to wait to sign your document at the branch in front of the notary and bring your picture ID! 

Room Reservations: Richmond Public Library offers a variety of free-to-use spaces for the general public. Please be aware that because we do not charge for the rooms to be used, activities that take place in our spaces must be free and open to the public. If you have additional questions for what is allowed in each space, please review our room reservation FAQ page or call the branch of your choice directly.

We are so excited to continue to support our users in gaining access to digital technologies. If you ever need assistance when using our equipment or have questions regarding the services we provide, please do not hesitate to call. We are always happy to help!

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