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Optimistic in March

Posted about 1 week ago by Meg Raymond
Posted in Book Reviews
A customer at work once said to me “please tell me your name is Sparkle.  If it’s not Sparkle, it totally should be”.  I was a little taken aback, as […]
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(Not) Nice Girls

Posted about 3 weeks ago by Meg Raymond
A 1981 presidential proclamation for a “Women’s History Week” in early March was the beginning for Women’s History Month.  By 1987, the entire month was designated to honor women.   RPL staff […]
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Romance in Color

Posted about 1 month ago by Meg Raymond
Lupercalia was an ancient Roman feast celebrated to welcome Spring.  By the 6th century, the pagan (read racy) aspects of the celebration were downplayed, and the holiday became associated with […]
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Meg Raymond

If I'm not librarianing, or chasing a dog around the yard, I probably have my nose buried in a book. I like all kinds of books. Regency romances - love 'em. Gory police procedurals - yes, ma'am. Historical fiction - please, and thank you. Heavy "literary" titles - shhhh, I may not have actually finished some of those! Off-beat, warped, slightly askew books - oh, yes, indeedy. Violent supernatural fantasy - why not? Chick lit, hen lit, lad lit - yeah, yeah, yeah. What have you read? Need a suggestion, or ten?


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